Help needed

Recycling – Thank you for all the good stewards who are using our blue, marked recycle bins.  However, we are finding aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the garbage.  They are easy to recycle, just EMPTY them.  Also, please, no “crinkly,” firm plastic food wrappers (candy bars, granola bars, etc.) in the recycle bins; only “soft” plastic (plastic bags, bread wrappers) and items marked as recyclable or with the recycle symbol.

Cards to Share?  Cards are sent to parishioners for a variety of reasons, such as birthday, get well, thinking of you, holidays.  If you have an abundance of greetings cards, consider bringing some in for us to use to keep people connected to our community even when they are not able to be with us.

Hildegarde’s Pantry Food of the Month – Bags of beans, rice and cat food.  Convenient containers for donations are at each entrance of the Cathedral Center.  Thank you for helping us reduce, reuse, recycle.  In May we served 3149 people: 678 children; 412 seniors (55+); and 254 for families had at least one person employed.  We received over 12,000 lbs. of food from the Utah food bank and also received private and parishioner donations.